First impression – iPhone 6s


I’ve only had this phone for one day, but I thought I would write down my first impressions, and see if it changes after using it for a while.

First of all, it’s a phone that feels really comfortably in your hand. It’s light, no sharp edges, and a bit smaller than my previous phone. It’s also really thin, so it’s definitely easier to carry around than any bigger phone. It doesn’t feel very big even though it is 4.7″.


There’s a lot of things I haven’t gotten to test yet, like the 3D touch. I’ve heard this is amazing, but I haven’t really seen much of it yet. What I have seen though, is how extremely fast this phone is. I had iPhone 5s a while back, and when using the fingerscan it always took a second or two for the phone to open, but on the 6s you basically click the button and it opens because of your finger. Quite amazing, I love it. Everything happens when you want it to, without any delays.

The camera is also really good, and finally theres a front blitz that doesn’t make you look extremely pale!

So far I’m loving this phone. And I haven’t found any flaws. I don’t think the battery is that much better than before, I still have to charge it during the day, but I use my phone a lot. This was one of the best things with the Sony phone, the battery was incredible.



IMG_9802 IMG_9815This is what I wore for the launch last week, and that’s probably why I woke up with a soar throat feeling sick this morning. Still in my PJs in my bed, and I really don’t feel like getting up. On the menu today: Tea and soup.
Even though it was nice to spend some time with my family the past weeks, Rena is what feels like home to me now.

How I’ve missed this

Bilde tatt i fotobaren

Last night I was in Oslo celebrating Annette’s amazing collection from Nly One.  It was a real girls night with tapas, white wine, great conversations and of course a photo booth. I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss blogging, and it was so great to catch up with these amazing people. I really had a blast last night, and I’m hoping that when I get back to Rena on monday I’ll start taking some pictures again! Hopefully you’ll see this blog much more updated starting next week. xoxo

PS! The collection will be out on October 26. so keep an eye out !

Bilde tatt i fotobaren

Bilde tatt i fotobaren

Bilde tatt i fotobaren


                                                                                                                                                                                       Reklameshoreproject 1If you’ve followed me a while, you’ve probably seen me posting about these watches from Shore Project. These watches have a timeless design, and you can easily get the perfect one for you. You can change between a lots of straps (which you can see here) to create your perfect watch, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3. If you have more straps you can change whenever you feel like it to make it go with your look that day.

shore project

Now you can even win your favorite watch. All you have to do is let me know which watch and strap combination is your favorite by leaving a comment on this very blog post. A winner will be chosen randomly on friday! You can see all the watches and straps at

Øvrevoll Derby

9-IMG_9238 copy-1

Tomorrow I’m going to the Derby at Øvrevoll. I’m really excited, and they also have a contest that I wanted to share with my norwegian followers, so here you go:

På Søndag er det Scandic Norsk Derby på Øvrevoll Galoppbane
Tipp vinneren av løp 4 og VINN TUR TIL DUBAI Med Emirates,
Send sms kodeord DERBY til 2242.
Konkurransen er gratis.

13-IMG_8557-1 13-413 12-IMG_9265 4-IMG_8671 copy



d8cfb09a801ba2497b8de4ddf5396d7cI know I’ve been terrible at posting lately, so wanted to give you guys an update on what’s been going on. I’ve moved to a really small place, two hours away from home. Here I’ll be studying Music Management. This week has been all about getting to know the other students, and it’s been incredible. Already the first day everyone knew who they got along with, and we’ve all become great friends. I’ve had so much fun, and when school starts next week I hope I’ll have more time to get up some more posts, but for now, my focus is all swiped away by these great people that I live with and who take up all my time.


IMG_9017Last night I moved in to my new place. I’m moving because of my studies which will begin on Wednesday. I’m really excited for the days ahead, even though it’s a bit scary going to an entirely new place.
I wanted to show you guys some pictures of the dorm, and I think it turned out quite perfect. It’s really small, but that makes it very cozy as long as I manage to keep it tidy, haha.

IMG_9004 IMG_9014 IMG_8997

DRYADS – Girls don’t cry

11055302_10155927222775241_9166487534148345977_oToday’s the premier of the new movie Dryads. My friend Terez has worked with this movie for a long time, and she even let me join in on a day on set. I had such a blast that day, and I’m so excited to see the result. I know the music is great, and the girls are awesome, so I really believe this will be the greatest norwegian movie in a very long time.
I’ll be at the red carpet tonight, and I’ll bring my camera and hopefully get some pics from the night.

Check out the trailer below!

Would you want to see this film?


Good afternoon guys! Sorry for not getting this post up yesterday. I planned on posting from the airport, but the wifi didn’t respond at all so I didn’t get the chance until today.
Anyway, I really wanted to show you my favorite piece of clothing from my trip to New York this summer. I found this romper at Marciano, and just had tro try it on. I love he colors for a night out in the summer time, or anytime you want to dress up a bit, but don’t want to wear a dress.
What do you think? xx 
IMG_8388 IMG_8502 IMG_8326


IMG_8248Check out this pretty thing! This WX500 camera from Sony is the perfect buddy for travelling. As you know, I’ve been around a lot this summer, and getting this camera has made it a lot more fun. Wish I got this sooner!
First of all this camera takes great pictures, and it has 30x zoom. Because I usually use a camera with a 50mm lens, it’s amazing to finally have a zoom.
It also has a built in flash with different settings so you can get memorable pictures in the dark as well.
My favorite thing about this camera is how small it is. I’m not the type to carry a big bag around with me, but this camera fits in every bag I have. And I will still have enough room in my smallest bags for my phone (which is bigger than the camera), lipgloss, and wallet. Plus, it has a selfiescreen!
I will share more with you about this camera when I’ve tested it some more, but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about this camera. Great for anyone who loves to travel, or as a gift maybe?
I’ll be posting more pictures of this look tomorrow! xx