Bye for now, Zanzibar!


I’ve had a great 10 days here, but now it’s time to go home. We’ll be travelling for 19 hours, so I really hope i get to sleep on one of the flights.
Even though it will be nice to go home, i’m really going to miss this place, and i will definitely visit here if I ever come back to Zanzibar.
The taxi will be here soon, so I wish you all a lovely monday, and a great start on the new week!


IMG_3837Yesterday I was all about my classic go-to look. A grey hoodie and my oldest leatherjacket. The combo of black and grey can never be wrong, so it’s perfect for those days when you have too much to do to want to spend time getting dressed. I threw in my new bracelet from BiBiehl (sponset) to set the final touch. I think these bracelets are really cool. You can choose between so many beautiful pods that you can see here. Great gift idea where you can mix and match your favorite pods in gold, silver and rose gold.

Now I’m off to Trondheim for the weekend, so I’ll talk to you from there!

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Sponsored post in collaboration with Coca Cola
Anyone who’s had their heart broken? I know I have, and it’s a feeling that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. I’ve experienced my heart break once, and it’s an ache I never want to feel again.
Coca-Cola has done a study in Europe, and it shows that Norwegian youth are among those who takes a heartbreak the hardest. As an ambassador for Coca Cola’s #choosehappiness-campaign I want to talk to you guys about this a bit. I’m never really personal on my blog, but I’m going to be on this matter. Because talking about it to friends, or anyone you trust really, when experiencing a heartbreak is  very important. It may feel like your world is crushed, but you will get through that period, and things will get better again. Even when the only thing you want is to sit there and cry your eyes out because nothing else feels even close to possible.
I was cheated on once, and it hurts. It hurts more than i could have ever imagined. And I sat with the feeling that it was my fault – that I was the mistake, and I wouldn’t let go. I wanted to talk to him and fix things, when I should have just let go. And it wasn’t until I let go of him and the memories that I truly got over him. Getting rid of the memories was for me important to let go, I had to give away everything I had ever gotten from him, so I had nothing to look back on. Doing this made it possible for me to look forward.
IMG_3715 - Version 2
No matter what, things will get better – even if it takes time. Today I have a new boyfriend, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He supports me, cares for me, I can trust him, and he makes me happier than ever. If I had to go through a heartache to get what I have now I would say it was worth it. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I now have a guy in my life that I wouldn’t want to trade for anything in the world – my current relationship is a dream come true.
And I want to encourage all of you to do the same. Donate something from an old relationship with the hashtag #choosehappiness on instagram, and then you’ll also be in the draw for two tickets to the Findings festival in Oslo may  29.-30.
! And for all my readers in Oslo – post a picture, and there’s a great chance Coca Cola will come and pick up the thing you posted and leave Coca Cola at your door!

Cruelty-free fashion (STRONG VIDEO)

“Snakes killed for their skin are often nailed to trees and skinned alive before being tossed into a pile to die. They can suffer for days before succumbing to shock or dehydration. Pythons often have a hose inserted into their mouth and are pumped full of water to make them easier to skin. Alligators on farms are often beaten with hammers and sometimes take up to two hours to die.”

I’m not the one fighting the most for animal rights, even if this is something I do care a lot about. Torturing reptiles like this to use their skin for our fashion is simply wrong, and together we can do something about it. I’ve signed up for PETAs petition to make the European Union ban the sale of all products made from reptile skins in the European Union, and I hope some of you will do the same.

You can sign up for the petition and read the full case HERE. 

The video below shows how these reptiles are treated, and it’s horrifying to watch. And I want to warn you that the images are very strong before you watch.


Hakuna Matata x GIVEAWAY


What do you think of these bracelets from MantraBand? I think they’re beautiful, I love the minimalistic simplicity and how every one of them comes with an inspirational little phrase. Myself, I especially fell for these, with small texts for everyday inspiration. Perfect if you want a discreet bracelet to wear every day.

I’m also doing a giveaway, so now three of you can win one bracelet each! All you have to do is follow Mantraband on instagram (HERE) and leave a comment on THIS instagrampost (link) telling me your favorite mantra.  I’ll choose the winners in a week here on the blog, so make sure to check in!

You can find the bracelets here! (sponsored)




These past weeks have been so lovely. First a week in tenerife and then a week in Sweden to just relax and get my head back on track. Time to get back to routines with early mornings and work. Some relaxation has been nice, but I’m already excited to be ahead of my schedule instead of miles behind.

Btw, anyone who’s got knows how to make a toga? Please leave a comment and I’ll be eternally greatful, haha.



Jeg blir ofte spurt om tips til hvordan å få følgere på instagram, så tenkte å skrive ned noen av mine beste tips her. Håper det kan være til hjelp for noen!

People often ask me how they can get more followers on instagram, so thought I’d write down some of my best tips.  I hope it can be helpful to some of you! 


1. Always make sure the picture you post is high quality. Posting all blurry pictures, or pictures of nothing in particular won’t give you more followers.

2. Post at least twice a week. Quite basic – the more often you post, the sooner you’ll get many followers. But don’t oversell it.

3. Using hashtags is a way to get more followers, but my recommendation is to only use hashtags that can be related to the picture.

4. Be active with likes and in the comment field. Not saying “can you follow me?”, just post nice comments on other people’s pictures, and after a while you’ll be noticed and they’ll most likely do the same.

5. Stick to your style. If you have an inspirational account, I highly recommend that you stick to the style you like and don’t post stuff that won’t blend in with the rest just because you can make money of it.


Tipsene er kanskje ganske basics, men håper det kan være til litt hjelp for noen. Legg gjerne igjen instagramnavnet ditt i kommentarene her så titter jeg på alle!

These tips might be pretty basic, but maybe helpful to some. Feel free to leave your instagramname in the comments and I’ll check it out!



Daniel Wellington


I dag er dagen, det er nå tre år siden jeg startet instagramkontoen min Fashionforall. De siste tre årende har gått rykende fort, og jeg har hatt det mye gøy disse årene. Mer om det kommer senere, for nå har jeg nemlig fikset en giveaway for dere på denne fine dagen! Sammen med Daniel Wellington deler vi ut en klokke til en heldig vinner. Alt du trenger å gjøre er å følge Daniel Wellington på instagram HER, og legge igjen en kommentar i dette innlegget med hvilken modell du ønsker deg (du kan se alle her) og hvorfor akkurat du burde vinne. Husk å legge inn mailen din når du kommenterer (den vil ikke vises), så jeg kan kontakte vinner! Kommer også til å nevne vinneren på instagram så du er sikker på at du får det med deg. Vinnern kommer på fredag, så lykke til! xx


Today’s the day – it’s been three years since I created my instagram account Fashionforall. The past three years has flown by, and I’ve had so many great experiences. More of that later, ’cause now I have a giveaway for you guys! In collaboration with Daniel Wellington we want to give away one watch to a lucky winner. All you have to do is follow Daniel Wellington on instagram HERE, and leave a comment on this post saying which watch you want (all styles here), and why you should be named the winner. Remember to add your email address when commenting, it won’t be shown but I need it to contact the winner! I’ll announce a winner on friday, and the lucky one will also be mentioned on instagram so I can make sure you’ll know if it’s you. Best of luck! xx 





Yes, det stemmer, jeg kom til finalen i Vixen Blog Awards i år! Det er utrolig gøy, nå er det jo snart 3 år(!!) siden jeg startet instagramkontoen min, og det er vanvittig gøy å vite at dere setter pris på den og har stemt meg frem til finalen. Nå er det opp til juryen, men jeg krysser fingrene frem til finalen!

You read it, I made it to the final round in Vixen Blog Awards thanks to you guys! Now the winner will be chosen by the judges, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!