IMG_8248Check out this pretty thing! This WX500 camera from Sony is the perfect buddy for travelling. As you know, I’ve been around a lot this summer, and getting this camera has made it a lot more fun. Wish I got this sooner!
First of all this camera takes great pictures, and it has 30x zoom. Because I usually use a camera with a 50mm lens, it’s amazing to finally have a zoom.
It also has a built in flash with different settings so you can get memorable pictures in the dark as well.
My favorite thing about this camera is how small it is. I’m not the type to carry a big bag around with me, but this camera fits in every bag I have. And I will still have enough room in my smallest bags for my phone (which is bigger than the camera), lipgloss, and wallet. Plus, it has a selfiescreen!
I will share more with you about this camera when I’ve tested it some more, but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about this camera. Great for anyone who loves to travel, or as a gift maybe?
I’ll be posting more pictures of this look tomorrow! xx


Now I’ve had my new Sony phone for over a month, so I thought it was about time to tell you all what I think of it! I decided to give it a shot after my iPhone broke, so here you have my review of Sony’s newest phone.


The design

I really like the design on this phone, and especially this color. It’s quite large, I think it’s just in the middle of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but it really doesn’t matter much. I thought I didn’t want a big phone, but you get used to it very quickly. And it’s also much better for watching series, taking pictures, reading and playing games.
The design is classy, and timeless. On top of that it’s waterproof, so you can swim in a pool with it or use it in the rain and it won’t get damaged at all.

It also exists in a compact version which is smaller, but still a slight bit bigger than iPhone 5s (still smaller than iPhone 6).

Sony z3 design

The battery

This is what excites me the most. I use my phone probably more than average, and I had to charge my iPhone at night and two times during the day at least. This one on the other hand is absolutely incredible, and the battery lasts for a bit more than 24 hours with my use. I charge it during the night, and then I don’t have to even think about charging it during the entire day and night. And if something happens and the battery is low, I can put it in a mode so that the phone will last for a couple of hours more, and I will still have access to calls and messages.


The camera

I don’t know if it’s better than all the others, but it’s definitely crazy good. What I love the most is all the different options you have when taking pictures, and my favorite – blurry background. This is perfect for me who loves taking pictures of details, and with this I can make a noisy background disappear in blur. You also have lots of different effects, settings, panorama, and other. Plus the pictures come out in high quality, and the camera actually has 20,7 megapixels!

I used this phone a lot when I was at EMA, and the videorecording is out of this world. I wish I could show you, but I have no idea how to post a video here. Anyway, the film is good, but what shocked me the most was the sound. All the noise was gone, and the vocals from the preforming artist is completely clear. I was so happy when I came back to the hotel and looked at the result!

Sony Z3 kamera

The Android system

Yes, it took a bit getting used to, but not as long as I would have thought. The Play store has pretty much all the same apps as the AppStore, and I get everything I need just as easily. The reason I didn’t change from iPhone earlier was because it was such a simple phone, and android looked too complicated. Now I’m completely used to the new system (I still learn something new from time to time), and it’s just as easy as it was with iPhone – if not easier. The emojis are also so much cuter, they look like small disformed potatoes, haha. I think they’re so adorable, even though they’ll look a bit different on another phone.


The sound

For watching self recorded films I think the sound is good, but for listening to music or watching a movie I don’t think the volume gets quite high enough, which is actually a bit annoying. To me it doesn’t matter too much because I mostly use speakers, but when using headphones it sometimes annoy me that I can have higher sound. I like having high enough sound to not hear everyone around when walking in the city or on the plane, so those are the times I would wish it was possible to turn it up a bit more.




I can for once say with all of my heart that I love my phone. On a dice I would give it a 6, only thing that might could have pulled it down is the volume, and that it’s not compatible with the apple products I have from before. Such as airplay and the standard apple headset. It works with the headset of course, but as far as I’ve seen the microphone on these headsets doesn’t work with the sony phone. But then again, after looking a bit I’ve found a lot of good replacements. I would really recommend this phone to everyone who uses their phone a lot.

 To me my phone is a tool, and Sony Xperia Z3 is the perfect tool.