IMG_8248Check out this pretty thing! This WX500 camera from Sony is the perfect buddy for travelling. As you know, I’ve been around a lot this summer, and getting this camera has made it a lot more fun. Wish I got this sooner!
First of all this camera takes great pictures, and it has 30x zoom. Because I usually use a camera with a 50mm lens, it’s amazing to finally have a zoom.
It also has a built in flash with different settings so you can get memorable pictures in the dark as well.
My favorite thing about this camera is how small it is. I’m not the type to carry a big bag around with me, but this camera fits in every bag I have. And I will still have enough room in my smallest bags for my phone (which is bigger than the camera), lipgloss, and wallet. Plus, it has a selfiescreen!
I will share more with you about this camera when I’ve tested it some more, but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about this camera. Great for anyone who loves to travel, or as a gift maybe?
I’ll be posting more pictures of this look tomorrow! xx

Oslo from above


This afternoon I went to Oslo to meet a team from Canon and some other bloggers and media profiles. We had lunch and an intro about their new cameras, and then we could choose a camera of our own choice to borrow for the day. I chose the Powershot sx60 hs that has a crazy zoom, I’ll post a picture below.

The first thing we did was to go on board on a helicopter ride above Oslo for half an hour. I’ve never been in a helicopter before, but it was very cool. Absolutely stunning to see the city from this point of view. When we got back down to the ground we got the chance to fly drones as well.  Such a memorable day. Huge thanks to Canon!

IMG_0025 IMG_0140 OsloFromAbove

Here you can see for yourself how great the zoom was on the Powershot. And it wasn’t even fully zoomed! You can see where to get this camera here. IMG_0192 IMG_0112 IMG_0224

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IMG_3105 IMG_3106 IMG_3117

Finally got myself a small camera the other day, and I can’t wait to really test it. Not sure yet, but I might bring only this one and not my SLR when I head to Tenerife tomorrow. Anyone who has this camera? I’d appreciate all tips! xx



Jeg er så glad for at snøen endelig har lagt seg nå, på lille julaften. Har akkurat vært ute å unnagjort den siste julehandelen med pappa, så da gjenstår det å få ryddet og gjort huset klart. Noen flere som gleder seg til imorgen?

I’m so happy the snow is finally on the ground, the day before christmas. Me and my dad just finished shopping, so now the only thing left is to clean up the house. Anyone else excited for tomorrow?

IMG_1255 IMG_1280

New loosefit sweater in from Sheinside.

IMG_1240 IMG_1261 IMG_1246

Beautiful morning with my baby.






Husker dere at objektivet mitt var ødelagt? Jeg var så heldig at  Canon hjalp meg med å få låne et objektiv til mitt blir fikset, så nå blir det mer av mine bilder her igjen! Jeg fikk låne et 85mm objektiv, og jeg har vært ute å testet det litt nå. Det er virkelig et utrolig bra objektiv for detaljbilder, og jeg kan uten problem forstå hvorfor mange har dette på ønskelisten sin i år! Bildene fra et av mine seneste outfits er også tatt med dette objektivet, og dere kan sjekke ut det bildene her. Tusen takk til Canon som reddet meg i denne krisen!


Remember that my camera lens was broken? Canon was so kind to help me borrow a new one until mine is fixed, so now it’s picture time again! I got to borrow a 85mm lens, and I’ve been testing it a bit outdoors. It’s really an incredible lens for shooting details, and I can totally understand why many want this for christmas! I also shot one of my latest outfits with this lens, and you can see those pictures here. Tons of thanks to Canon for helping me out!





IMG_0485 IMG_0491

Varte kanskje ikke så lenge, og smelter så fort det kommer på bakken – men i dag snødde det. I disse dager er det så kaldt ute at snøen burde komme, og jeg gleder meg til den legger seg og dekker bakken i hvitt.

It may not have lasted for long, and it melts when it hits the ground – but it was snowing today. These days it’s too cold outside for there to be no snow, and I can’t wait till it comes fully and covers the ground in white. 





Å ha hund gjør at det er hyggelig å ta turen ut om morgenen, og i dag var vi ute å gikk i en times tid. Deilig å være ute å gå i tåken som forsvinner mer og mer mens solen titter frem og starter å varme.

Having a dog makes it nice to take a walk in the morning, and today we were out for about an hour. It’s lovely to walk around in the fog while it disappears slowly while the sun appears and starts heating up everything.


NEW IN – Canon Eos 6D



Jeg er helt forelsket i det nye kameraet mitt. I går kjøpte jeg Canon Eos 6D, og det er en enorm overgang fra 500D som jeg har hatt helt siden det kom ut. Jeg kjøpte også nytt 50mm objektiv ettersom det andre ble ødelagt og det sansynligvis ville blitt like dyrt om jeg hadde sendt det på reparasjon.

Det er endelig fulladet, og jeg er så gira på å begynne å teste det nå!


I’m completely in love with my new camera. Yesterday I bought the Canon Eos 6D, and the transfer is huge from the 500D I’ve had ever since it came out on the marked. I also got  new 50mm lens because the other one broke, and it would probably be just as expensive to have it repaired as it was buying an all new one.

It’s finally fully charged now, and I can’t wait to start testing it!