Good afternoon guys! Sorry for not getting this post up yesterday. I planned on posting from the airport, but the wifi didn’t respond at all so I didn’t get the chance until today.
Anyway, I really wanted to show you my favorite piece of clothing from my trip to New York this summer. I found this romper at Marciano, and just had tro try it on. I love he colors for a night out in the summer time, or anytime you want to dress up a bit, but don’t want to wear a dress.
What do you think? xx 
IMG_8388 IMG_8502 IMG_8326

Black and white

IMG_6613Had a great stroll in Central Park the other day. Beautiful weather, sat down at the boathouse and just walked around for a while. A few perfect hours. I haven’t got the chance to post lately, because I’ve taken some time to spend with my family, and didn’t want to be too busy. Tomorrow we’re headed back home after some great days here. I’ve seen so much, and still there’s so much more I want to do – I’m definitely coming back.

IMG_6618 IMG_6609 IMG_6637

A rare vision

IMG_6346It’s not often I wear a dress, but today was the day. Combined with the hat I got yesterday and a simple plaid shirt I think this look turned out perfect for today. Fell in love with this hat at Free People, a bit different from all the others, but still so cool. Love it.

IMG_6372IMG_6375 IMG_6366

Let’s talk print


I love the print on these shorts. Not that often I find any colors I like, but these are just great. Would be perfect for a day in central park, but because of the rain we’ll go shopping instead. Could be worse!


IMG_5905 IMG_5899 IMG_5868 IMG_5922 IMG_5860 IMG_5909 IMG_5879 IMG_5933

Denim shorts


I’m so happy it’s possible to wear shorts in Norway as well now. Today’s look I wanted to put on something simple, so i paired up my old denim shorts with a white top and some leather details. There are so many ways to style the denim shorts, and I like this one a lot because it’s really relaxed and comfortable.

IMG_5697 IMG_5729 IMG_5706 IMG_5689 IMG_5723 IMG_5704 IMG_5686

Let’s go to the beach


The sun is still shining and we just got back from the beach. So tired, so now’s the time to get in the shower and relax before the evening. We’re going back on monday, so I really have to enjoy these lasts days of sun. I really like it here, but it’s going to be nice to get back home as well. But before that, I’ll spend all my time relaxing by the beach, doing absolutely nothing at all.


Floral Navy Set


I’m absolutely loving this navy, floral set. Perfectly light material, and so beautiful colors. I especially love the crossing in the back of the top, what a cute detail, am I right? You can get the set here!

I can not believe how lazy this day has been. Started it by just laying on the beach, and we came back to the hotel my plan was to catch up on some work, but the wifi was down so I didn’t get the chance. Instead Maria went for a massage and I went to sleep for a while. Loving how relaxing it is to be here. Definitely need this before I’m headed to a big city in just about two weeks!

IMG_5061 IMG_4965 IMG_5104 IMG_5085 IMG_4949

White beach x blue dress


I’m absolutely loving this beach. White sand, clear ocean and the sun shining is something that fits me perfectly now. Also gave me the chance to put on my favorite dress for some pictures. Got it  a year ago, in a size that was way too big, so my mom helped me make it fit. It’s not often I find a dress a like, but I really love this one.

IMG_4901 IMG_4882 IMG_4847 IMG_4829