Now it’s only two days left before I’m headed to  New York. I’m so excited to come back to this dream of a city, but I still haven’t decided how I want to spend my days besides shopping. New York is a remarkable city, but I’ve only been there once, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
Where should I go? What should I see? What’s your favorite spot in New York? And if you haven’t been there, what would you most want to do?

Leave a comment and I’ll be very grateful for any tip!


Happy friday everyone!
And what better way to kick off the weekend than with some new inspiration? We all use instagram, but sometimes we need something new in our feed. I’ve made you a list of my top 5 favorite instagram accounts here. There are so many ways to inspire, and these accounts all inspire me in their own way.

@TheNativeFoxwtf.tnfThose who’ve followed me for a while, knows that my all time favorite blogger is Jennifer Grace from TheNativeFox. Not only is her personal style flawless, but her entire feed is filled with travel destinations, unique details and stylish inspiration. Definitely a must follow for all of you.

This girl has an elegancy in her pictures like no other. All her posts are of the highest quality, with all colors and details completely on fleek.

wtf.iagNumber 1 male fashionblogger. Adam Gallagher shares with us a gallery of style and travels. Girls, make your boyfriend follow this account if you need him to step up his style.

wtf.kgColors. Not much more is needed to be said about her account. Her pictures are as happy and colorful as the girl herself, and you’ll definitely get in a better mood when her pictures bright up your feed.

wtf.emitazSharing her life with us from Barcelona, Emelie takes you into a universe of sunbathing, style, love, and inspiration. Such a sweet girl, and a bit more personal than many other accounts.

So now, let me know who you think I should follow! What’s you’re username on instagram? Would love to check our my readers accounts.
Make sure to check out my personal account, @AndreaElisabeth as well.



So sorry for no posts since I got home. I got sick one of the last days in Zanzibar so I’ve just been taking it very easy these past days.
Anyway, because I’ll be moving out after summer to study, I have to start thinking about what I want my dorm to look like. It’s really small so it’s hard to decide what I want when I have so many different ideas, but still so much I need to have room for. When looking around I found a lot of great DIY projects that I really want to try out when I move, so I thought I’d share them with you guys!
Let me know what’s your favorite! xx

DIY decor inspo
1f80c54f11430dd51a20006663a00251 diy decor inspo 3 diy decor inspo 2

Beach essentials

beach essentials.11. Beach dress – here  2. Bikini – here 3. Sandals – here

beach essentials.21. Kimoni – here 2. Bikini – here 3. Swimsuit – here

beach essentials.31. here 2. here 3. here

Beach essentials.41. here 2. here 3. here

Beach essentials.5.1. Bag – here 2. Backpack – here 3. Tote – here

Which ones did you like the most? xx  




Take me away

I’m longing for summer now. For the sun, the beach, warm weather and no worries. Summer can’t come any sooner. I ordered my tickets to Zanzibar yesterday, so in just over a month I’ll be back in Africa. I have never been to Zanzibar before, and I’m so excited!

zanzibar2.wish zanzibar.wish


I’ve never actually liked valentines day, but now it’s coming up – so i thought I would give you guys a few tips for what to do, or what to get to your special someone. 


1. A classic watch from Triwa is a great gift for anyone. 


2. Breakfast in bed. 


2. A weekendtrip away

3. Spend the evening in bed with laughs and good conversations


4. Go out for dinner


5. Chocolate. Something that won’t ever fail. 

Most importantly – spend the day with someone who means a lot to you, urn off your social media and give them your undivided attention. ♥




Adam Gallagher –


Glenn Henriksen –


Filippo Cirulli –


Espen Hilton –

Four guys – all with an indredible taste in style.