Now it’s only two days left before I’m headed to  New York. I’m so excited to come back to this dream of a city, but I still haven’t decided how I want to spend my days besides shopping. New York is a remarkable city, but I’ve only been there once, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
Where should I go? What should I see? What’s your favorite spot in New York? And if you haven’t been there, what would you most want to do?

Leave a comment and I’ll be very grateful for any tip!


  1. Clara says:

    Hi! I’ve been to New York twice and I absolutely love the city. I were there last summer so I have a lot of tips for you. I would definitely recommend AG kitchen which serves the best hamburger in the entire world! (269 Columbus ave, upper west side). I would also recommend you to go to Coney Island which is a beach and a tivoli, it takes a while to get there but it is worth it, it is a very nice contrast to the city. Another thing I did was to spend a day in Central Park, we rented some bicycles and just drove around, we also stopped for a picnic which was very nice (you can bring a pizza or something). It can also be good to know that there is a public pool in Central Park (probably more then one) if you get tired of the heat. If you are planning on visiting a tower, I would recommend Rockefeller center instead of the Empire State Building because it is much funnier to see the Empire State Building then to be in it, and you will get some really cool fotos (go up there in the evening, just before the sunset because then you will see the city in difrent lights). As for shopping I would recommend SoHo.
    That’s all I can think of for now. Have a great trip and I can’t say that I’m not jealous.

    Love Clara


    • andreabrataas says:

      Thank you so much for your tips Clara! I will definitely keep this in mind. I had no idea about the pools in Central Park! Wish you a lovely day, and I’ll keep you updated from the trip! :)


  2. Vendela&Vanessa/Tvillingbloggen says:

    Hi, we have been to New York seven times and it is the best city in the World….The shopping is the best all the way from Macy┬┤s, fifth avenue to woodberry common outlet village. You have to go to a steakhouse, Benjamins, Bobby Vans or maybe Gallagher. Visit the new World trade center and ground zero with the waterfalls. Go down to Soho and just stroll around, have a fried Oreo!! . Central Park, have a picnic or taste the best Belgian waffles, rent a boat or just stroll around. Times Square is worth a visit. Just walk and walk because you will find something new to see all the time. When we have been there in the summertime we rent a car and go to Long Island or the Hamptons, but that depends on how long you are staying….Hope you will have a great time!!


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