Black and white

IMG_6613Had a great stroll in Central Park the other day. Beautiful weather, sat down at the boathouse and just walked around for a while. A few perfect hours. I haven’t got the chance to post lately, because I’ve taken some time to spend with my family, and didn’t want to be too busy. Tomorrow we’re headed back home after some great days here. I’ve seen so much, and still there’s so much more I want to do – I’m definitely coming back.

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A rare vision

IMG_6346It’s not often I wear a dress, but today was the day. Combined with the hat I got yesterday and a simple plaid shirt I think this look turned out perfect for today. Fell in love with this hat at Free People, a bit different from all the others, but still so cool. Love it.

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Breakfast at Balthazar



How lovely doesn’t this look? Sourcream waffles with warm berries. I was here a couple times when i was here last time, so when we walked by we figured we just had to have breakfast here. Definitely my number one recommendation when it comes to breakfast in New York. 

Exciting things to come!

IMG_5984Soon I’m headed down to Brooklyn for a really exciting and fun photoshoot. I can’t tell you all about it just yet, but I’m really excited to tell you all about what’s next for me now.
I’m meeting up with some great people, and I’ll try to take some pictures myself to show you guys later.

Wish you all a lovely sunday! xx


Let’s talk print


I love the print on these shorts. Not that often I find any colors I like, but these are just great. Would be perfect for a day in central park, but because of the rain we’ll go shopping instead. Could be worse!


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Midsummer in NYC

Yesterday we got to do so many things. We started the day shopping for many hours, then we headed over to meatpacking district to have a walk on the High Line. When we were done here we went down to Battery Park to see the swedish celebration of Midsummer. It was really crowded, but nice to have been there. Because there were so many people we decided to take a walk around the area instead. I didn’t get to see ground zero last time I was here, so I’m glad that i got the chance this time. Such a beautiful and symbolic memorial this is.
We ended our day by heading over to brooklyn to see the sunset and the skyline.
Wow, looking at it now I’m quite impressed of all the things we got to do yesterday. Hard to decide how to spend this day, but we’ll figure something out. More shopping can’t hurt, right?

Stay tuned for today’s outfit later today!




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Finally, we’ve arrived at the apartment here in New York. We’re off for lunch in just a few minutes, but i had to droppe by here to show you guys the view from our balcony. Perfect view to Union Square!
Looking so much forward to the next days, and I’ll share the entire trip with you guys!





Now it’s only two days left before I’m headed to  New York. I’m so excited to come back to this dream of a city, but I still haven’t decided how I want to spend my days besides shopping. New York is a remarkable city, but I’ve only been there once, so I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
Where should I go? What should I see? What’s your favorite spot in New York? And if you haven’t been there, what would you most want to do?

Leave a comment and I’ll be very grateful for any tip!

Denim shorts


I’m so happy it’s possible to wear shorts in Norway as well now. Today’s look I wanted to put on something simple, so i paired up my old denim shorts with a white top and some leather details. There are so many ways to style the denim shorts, and I like this one a lot because it’s really relaxed and comfortable.

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